Safety, Health and Environment

The company is committed to investing in its staff, ensuring that they are trained to the highest level and are the best at what they do. Training is paramount to the development of the workforce and to the success of the business. The health, safety and wellbeing of the each-and-every staff member at McCoy Contractors is of primary importance.


McCoy ensure all staff are issued with a variety of safety equipment and McCoy industry leading Health and Safety literature before commencing work.
The company has recently set up two site/work-based initiatives designed to help ensure the safety of its workforce.
The Take 5 Campaign is a point of work risk assessment designed to make staff stop, take 5 minutes and think through what they are doing, identify any changes and ensure they have everything to carry out the task safely.
McCoy Health, Safety and Environmental Guide is an inclusive guide to all aspects of its health and safety procedures including fire risks, hand signals and medical advice which is issued to all our staff upon joining the company.
McCoy Contractors will continue to develop campaigns and initiatives to keep its workforce thinking before it acts and staying safe while working out on site.
“I have found the Take 5 Campaign extremely helpful when introducing new staff to site.” Hughie Haughey, Foreman


McCoy Contractors is aware of the impact that the industry has and is committed to protecting the environment that it works in.
As a forward-thinking contractor McCoy uses techniques and innovations to help reduce impact where it can:
• Energy efficient working practices and machinery
• Multi occupancy vehicle for transporting staff to and from site
• Locally source labour and materials where ever possible.
McCoy has dedicated time and effort into developing and created new innovative products to aid its workforce out on site and reduce the impact that construction has on the environment today and for future generations.
“In 2018 McCoy Contractors reduced its carbon footprint, procured 70% of its materials from within a 30-mile radius and put £4m worth of expenditure back into the local community.” Chris Haughey, Managing Director